Frequently Asked Questions

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The way it works is very simple, you just need to create an account, then copy your referral link. Spread the referral link anywhere to get visitors, you will be paid every time the referral link gets visitors.

You can share your referral link on social media, forums, websites, blogs, whatsapp, and anywhere without spamming.

You can make unlimited extra money. Imagine, we pay you $10 for only 1000 clicks to your referral link. Then if your referral link is visited by 2000 visitors per day, that means you make $20 per day or $140 per week and or $560 per month.

Isn't it not difficult to get clicks by spreading your referral link on Facebook or Twitter?

Our referral program is an amazing system where you will be paid $5 for each friend you successfully invite through your referral link.

To be able to get paid from each friend who was successfully invited, you are required to join our referral program at a cost of $10 (one-time payment).After you successfully join the referral program, then you will not only get money from every click on your referral link but you can also make money from every friend that joins using your referral link and they also join this referral program.
Just like you who spent $10 to join the referral program, they also have to do the same thing so you get a $5 commission from each member.

What your referrals earn from this? The same thing as you do, they will have to invite their own referrals and they will earn money on the same way you did.

We will give you the chance to answer this question by yourself. If you invite just 2 active members, you will have profit and you will be able to withdraw the money, what happens if you invite more, does it worth?

Minimum payment is set to $5, which means if you have to invite 1-2 active referrals, you are already able to withdraw money.

You will receive payment at any time when your balance has reached $5. There are no delays or payment schedules. You will immediately receive money in your Paypal account after request a withdrawal.

This system was designed to be profitable for users and for us in the same time. If you bring referrals, we also have our cut from "Referral Program" sales, so there is no reason to cheat you, as long as by paying our users is actually more profitable for us, because we keep attracting more and more users to join, which bring more and more money for everybody.